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Margaret-Published March 5, 2024

Hello there! Im Margaret and I've hit the seasoned age of 65, I'm going through a self acceptance stage in my life where I understand that I need a bra that is made for elderly women.

Easy dressing has become my top priority, and I have been searching for a bra that is easy to put on, doesn't require pinching, and is comfortable to wear. I am a 36D and my darling daughter and I started searching for this bra when my osteoarthritis in my hands started getting progressively worse and I could no longer pinch hard enough to hold the bra together and fasten. I'm grateful for my daughter as she is a whizz on Google and Facebook, and she came across a brand called Smoothl.

"I had to write about as I can't thank them enough for ticking all the boxes for me and giving me back my independence."

So these are the undergarments or the best bras for elderly women that have truly changed my life – the Everyday Easy On Bra and the 100% Cotton Front Closure Wrap Bralette by Smoothl.

Let's start with the Everyday Easy On Bra. The name speaks for itself, a bra that I wear everyday that is unbelievably easy to put on. I was looking for a front-closure bra as that seemed the most logical and easiest to put on. I have always struggled with holding the two sides together in a normal bra and then twisting it around to put on, it's like a full workout in the morning that isn't needed. You simply put on this bra as you would a coat, easy peasy.

The fasteners are what sold it for me. They are magnetic and glide together; it did all the work for me, I didn't need to pinch or hook anything. They came together and locked. The best part s that they have these loops so I can fit a finger through to pull together. It's reassuring to know this bra will last me a long time especially if my arthritis in my fingers get any worse. It's been designed to be wireless yet still gives me the support of my D breasts. I wear this everyday now without a doubt. 

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The Front Closure Wrap Bralette was something my daughter recommended me to get. She knows that I like to wear a bra for support as I get back aches. So she said to try the lounge bralette for the days where I'm in pain or pottering around the house.

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Again, this is front-closure. It doesn't use magnetics but it does fasten easy. It's made from this beautiful buttery material and is so comfortable. I'd go as far to say I would sleep in this bra and thats a bold statement for any woman. Its beautifully made and is wireless, I was confused at first as to why it has two bits of material inside the cup but one is to lift and the other is to support.

I have other bralettes that I've bought from target and they all have to go over my head, I've never seen a front closure one. Well maybe one that doesn't use hooks and is still stylish. 

Both bras cater to us, the lovely elderly ladies, providing the support we need without compromising on style. These two – the Everyday Easy On Bra and the 100% Front Closure Wrap Bralette – have become my go-tos. Can't recommend them enough. My daughter found them after googling around but I must say Smoothl has nailed it, and I promise your daily comfort will thank you for it!

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